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Business strategy of the company "MAGIMEX" is to offer the most effective decisions on the use of certain equipment in industry or construction sites.

As shown, the maximum efficiency is achieved by the introduction and use of complex decisions, based not only put the price, but also concepts such as reliability and cost of operation as a whole, including the service, its accessibility and efficiency.

Compressors, pneumatic tools and equipment from the company "MAGIMEX"

We are pleased to welcome you to the company's website "MAGIMEX", the leader in sales and service of pneumatic tools, as well as autogenous equipment of new generation series "Nord".

"MAGIMEX" services include delivery, repairs and does maintenance of the equipment which is operated with the help of compressed air. This could include the supply of piston and screw compressors which are operated by the network 220 volts, 380 volts, as well as from the internal combustion engine. In addition to the compressor equipment, your attention is invited to a wide range of pneumatic, painting, sandblasting equipment. But the main product, has been and remains a pneumatic tool either domestic and foreign production. At present time the expansion and addition to pneumatic tools and miscellaneous equipment, our company is seriously took up the supply of construction equipment, hydraulic equipment and autogenous equipment.

The company "MAGIMEX" is the biggest player in the pneumatic tools market, not only in Moscow, but in all over the Russia. Our company, as opposed to lot's of companies, independently engaged in carrying out export-import operations in South-Eastern Asia, Western Europe, the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. As opposed to our competitors, our company offers the widest choice of manual and pneumatic tools of Russian and foreign production. All tools made with high quality for professional and industrial use. And the most important, almost all pneumatic tools already in our warehouse in Moscow. Power tools supplied by our company usually does not break, it doesn't have a complaints. If the pneumatic tools runs out of production, our technical experts will select the alternative to you for the replacement. Before we let a pneumatic tool, a long time being in stock, on sale, our service experts will make the re-activation test and the customer gets the tool which is ready for use. Appearance and year of manufacture of the pneumatic tools, in our opinion, is not a disadvantage. Moreover, there is a common opinion that pneumatic tools, released during the Soviet Union era, works better than new one. Such tools is necessary to reopen, wash, brush and let it to the work. We strongly recommend you to follow the rules of operation of pneumatic tools, and exactly: to work under recommended pressure and to use the filters, lubricators and air preparation units which is only recommended by the manufacturer.

The company "MAGIMEX" initially engaged of the sale of Russian air tools, manufactured by domestic factories. According to modern classification, such pneumatic tools has Industrial, or Heavy Duty level, was reliable, but rather awkward to use. For example a pneumatic wrenches, almost doesn't have a spare sockets . For this reason, the domestic impact wrenches are was widely used on the factories, but on the car service or tire service they wasn't that popular. Then suffered an economic crisis and many plants curtails the production of the tools . So, "The Moscow plant, PNEVMOITSTRUMENT" plant, "PNEVMOSTROYMASHINA", "Konakovo power tools plant" makes products in small lots, and some plants just stopped its production and may be they will never launch it.

Some of the plants that successfully meet the economic crisis is "Tomsk electromechanical plant name Vakhrusheva" and its counterpart on the products, "Tomsk plant Kuznetsova." These two plants produces jackhammers of type MO, MOS, concrete breakers, chipping, riveting hammers, pneumatic sander, and other air tools. Of supplies, there are released spades, spades, chisels, spades and shovels. In our opinion, pneumatic hammer, produced by the "TMZ" - quite expensive, but perhaps the most reliable hammer. Pneumatic jackhammer, made by "TZK", have a lower quality and lower price. Pneumatic tools and other products produced by the "TEMZ" and "TZK" You can buy here in Moscow, or from our dealers throughout Russia and CIS. Once again, we notice our partners that pneumatic tools manufactured in Russia, illegally counterfeited in China. Professionals, and people who intrested in this situation are well aware of what is going on, what quality has a pneumatic tools and what percentage of defects per unit of pneumatic tools in general.

In addition to pneumatic jackhammers, here you can buy direct or angle pneumatic wrench, pneumatic straight or angle grinder, pneumatic drill, pneumatic perforator ,airleg , air rammer, nailing air gun, air riveter, chipping hammer, demolition hammer and other pneumatic tools designed to perform various production tasks in industry and construction. All of this tool you can buy from us at the best prices.Besides supplying the Russian air tools ,Our company delivers air tools from western Europe and southeastern Asia.

For the correct use and positioning of the air tools, it's need to know how th air tools are classified in the overseas. The lowest level of quality and resourse it's amateur and home level, which is correspond to the class Hobby or DIY (Do-It-Yourself). More higher level is a level which corresponds to the Semiprofessional level – this is also Hobby, but with makings of good quality. More higher level, is the tools classified as a Professional, which is uses on the serial production , autoservices or workshops. The next level of quality , is the instrument of Industrial class, wich has a level of the charge of the pneumatic tools same as a charge on the industry . And the highest level is a Heavy Duty, which is correspondent to the extra class.

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